CHEqI's Director, Dr. Jasmine Gonzalvo, has experience influencing policy, particularly related to chronic disease management, at state and federal levels. We collaborate with the Indiana Family and Social Services Agency and are continuously seeking opportunities to inform data-driven policy associated with health equity. 

Some examples of priority areas include: 

  • Policy changes that recognize and promote CHWs as a critical workforce to address health promotion needs in underserved and marginalized communities, as well as emergent needs during disaster response (e.g., pandemics)
  • Advocacy efforts to pass statewide legislation that allows all pharmacists to prescribe birth control, in partnership with the Indiana Pharmacists Association (19 other states, plus Washington DC, have some kind of statewide policy allowing pharmacists to do this; becoming more common)
  • The Student Advisory Board also leads a policy and advocacy committee within Purdue University. The committee researches current policies to educate CHEqI members, meets with legislators about the social determinants of health, and leads lobbying efforts on campus. This committee is designed to create opportunities for students to learn more about the legislative process at the local, state, and federal levels through interactive activities like letter writing campaigns. Members work to advocate in support or opposition to bills that actively address the social determinants of health and build health equity with grassroots efforts.