The CHEqI Student Advisory Board (SAB) is a committed group of interdisciplinary students determined to increase awareness of health disparities and understand the needs of underserved populations locally and globally. The SAB manages special projects under faculty and community partners as well as lead a university club with the same goals. In addition to individual projects, the SAB also leads a policy and advocacy committee within the club and works with community partners for volunteering opportunities.

Goals include 1) creating and implementing interdisciplinary projects centered around improving health equity, 2) educating students about health disparities, 3) providing community-based experiences in health equity, 4) encouraging opportunities for meaningful faculty mentorship of students, and 5) empowering students to become role models, advocates, and leaders in their profession, and support opportunities to play meaningful roles in the local, state, national, and international recognition of their area of practice or science.

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You can also join the CHEqI Student Ambassadors group.

Current Student Advisory Board members

  • Lexi Lahey My name is Lexi Lahey and I am a second year student pharmacist. As a future pharmacist, I am passionate about ambulatory care and diabetes education.
  • Moises Martinez III My name is Moises Martinez III and I am a fourth-year pharmacy student from Attica, IN. In my free time, I enjoy thrift-store shopping, listening to music, and recording new episodes for my podcast!
  • Amee Patel My name is Amee Patel and I am a P2 in the College of Pharmacy. I am extremely passionate about educating myself and others on the inequities various groups of people face daily.
  • Hanna Persha My name is Hanna Persha and I am a third-year pharmacy student. I am passionate about working in health equity because we have always been taught as pharmacists to be advocates for our patients.
  • Madi Eberle My name is Madi Eberle and I am a third-year student pharmacist.
  • Nick Howard My name is Nick Howard, and I am a second-year professional student in the College of Pharmacy with a minor in LGBTQ Studies. I’m from Indianapolis, Indiana, and I have two older sisters.