The Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA) is the single largest Central Trade Union registered with a membership of over 1.5 million (2018) poor, self-employed women workers from the informal economy across 18 states in India. SEWA has been working for almost 5 decades to improve the livelihoods of poor self-employed women workers through
various initiatives using technology, technical training, microfinance, market linkages, and natural resource management across over 125 different trades.

To achieve its goals of Full-Employment and Self-Reliance for its members and to facilitate representation, economic empowerment, collective strength & increased bargaining power of its members, SEWA follows integrated approach of: 

  • Organizing for collective strength
  • Capacity building to stand firm in competitive market
  • Capital formation for risk mitigation & fight poverty
  • Social security to enhance well-being & productivity

The following resources were provided through CHEQI's work with SEWA in 2021:

  • $250,000 COVID Support Grant from Direct Relief
  • $500,000 Direct Relief Grant
  • 1 million masks and 22 oxygen concentrators donated



The Bridging Income Generation through Group Integrated Care (BIGPIC) model has been developed, implemented, and researched as a novel, community centered model of care which seamlessly integrates microfinance, economic opportunities, and health services into community groups across rural western Kenya.

Bridging Income Generation through Group Integrated Care (BIGPIC)

Additionally, because of the mental health issues many street youth face, a service learning project was started to establish a mental health service for street youth at the Tumaini Innovation Center in Kenya. Goals include:

  • Identifying the mental health status of youth participating in the Tumaini Innovation Center.
  • Creating opportunities to improve mental health of youth participating in activities at the Tumaini Innovation Center.
  • Creating sustainable approaches to understanding, monitoring and managing mental health issues at the Tumaini Innovation Center.
  • Improve staff knowledge on mental health issues among youth and create tools to promote positive mental health.

International efforts in Kenya (BIGPIC)

BIGPICScholarship based on CHEQI's work in Kenya includes: