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IRHA Lunch and Learn Infograph

RHA Lunch & Learn: Indiana Community Health Workforce Development Institute


A group of four women faculty from Purdue University have engaged community partners throughout Indiana in an effort to eliminate health disparities for marginalized communities through the creation of the Community Health Workforce Development Institute. The overarching goals of the Institute are to create and sustain Community Health Worker (CHW) jobs for members of vulnerable neighborhoods in Indiana and to provide accessible job training to help communities overcome barriers to employment and other poverty-associated challenges. CHWs build individual and community capacity by increasing self-sufficiency and health knowledge through a range of activities. CHWs improve clinical outcomes for chronic and other health conditions that disproportionately impact African American and Hispanic populations. The Institute aligns and builds upon existing efforts, envisions and develops innovative solutions, and aims to improve health outcomes for marginalized communities.


  1. Describe the objectives of the Community Health Workforce Development Institute
  2. Describe the current landscape of Community Health Workers in Indiana, including results from the Institute's initial Needs Assessment.
  3. Identify future opportunities for the CHW workforce in Indiana.