At the heart of service learning is the reciprocal nature of the relationship. 

Beginning in 2022, Purdue University’s Center for Health Equity (CHEqI) (College of Pharmacy) is collaborating with the Purdue University School of Nursing in hopes of providing reciprocal service learning opportunities for nursing students as they complete their clinical rotations. A partnership between CHEqI, the Purdue University School of Nursing and our community partners is an opportunity to enhance the learning experience for the students, the partnership and strength of CHEqI and provide our community partners with the man power needed to accomplish important health equity goals in the same communities where students may live or work.

CHEqI also has an ongoing partnership with Purdue University’s Department of Public Health. 


We are always interested in exploring new interdisciplinary opportunities to expand student knowledge about health equity topics while giving back to communities in need. 

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