The Center for Health Equity and Innovation (CHEqI), first established in January of 2020 through the College of Pharmacy, has established a broad interdisciplinary network of internal and external stakeholders to magnify the impact of our work in the social determinants of health (SDOH).  CHEqI faculty have led numerous large-scale efforts to improve the SDOH outside the US, and are now working to translate interventions in nutrition, education, and healthcare to underserved populations in rural and urban Indiana.  Purdue students form across the University have also helped develop projects, participated in health equity work, and learned from faculty, alumni, and partners.

CHEqI initiative locations

CHEqI has improved access to care through a variety of innovative models, including:

  • Establishing the Community Health Workforce Development Institute that supports interdisciplinary models to optimize access to care for marginalized populations.
  • Partnering with faculty from across the University and the Office of Engagement to design and develop initiatives to address health equity in rural areas.
  • Partnering with independent pharmacies, schools, and health systems to provide adequate nutrition to underserved, food-insecure populations.
  • Developing interdisciplinary, student-led initiatives to address health disparities, including: addressing COVID-19 pandemic responsiveness in a homeless population, evaluating and enhancing health equity curricular content, implementing a Spanish-language immersion track, and working with Purdue Polytechnic High School (PPHS) students to improve wellness in their communities